Do you wander the grocery wine aisle trying to pick out something new to drink? Does that trip to the liquor store just fall by the wayside because life happens? Does the idea of breaking into your wine club stash on a Tuesday give you heartburn?

I’ve had everything they have at the grocery.

I pick my wine by the price tag.

I didn’t make it to the liquor store this week.

The only wine we have in the house is too special for Tuesday night.

I don’t really know what I like.

These are all reasons I have heard for why people regularly drink wine they aren’t excited about. Sometimes, even wine they actively dislike. If you wouldn’t order it when you go out, why on earth would you drink it at home?

Outsource your wine shopping to me.

I love to do it and I promise to show you something new. Your glass of wine at the end of the day should be a treat that you look forward to, not a drudgery. Each month I thoughtful assemble of box of delicious, unusual wines.

You may have never heard of them before, it may be a region you would never pickup on your own. But I firmly stand behind every wine I offer you.







Grape Lady Juice Box Club is a tiered subscription service. Each month you will receive a box with six hand-selected wines. Each box is assembled with the idea of fulfilling your wine needs for the month. A few everyday bottles with something special to celebrate the joys of life. Because life is too short to save all the special bottles for ‘some day.’

You may choose to go month to month reviewing each offering as it comes out or you may sign up for a monthly subscription service.

Thank you for your support as I beta-test the Grape Lady Juice Box Club.


  • 12 bottle boxes will include two of each wine from the 6 bottle box of your chosen tier
  • Deliveries will be arranged on a per account basis

Single Month Selections Available Here