Do you need one special bottle as a gift for the law partner at your firm? Or do you need to fill a cellar in your new home? Picking wine for your son’s first birthday party or for your twentieth anniversary? I’d love to help you choose something perfect for your special occasion. (Tuesday nights count as special occasions as well!)

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If you are tripping over cases of wine or can never find the bottle you are looking for- call me. I’d love to come to your home and implement a cellar organization system customized for your space and collection. We can also do an itemized valuation for insurance purposes. 

Prices start at $100 per hour.

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Make it a wine party and invite The Grape Lady. I provide Riedel wine glassware, wine, entertainment, and at your request I can even bring snacks. We can host a class on the different regions of Bordeaux with potential clients, learn to saber a bottle of champagne for a birthday celebration, or pair wine and cheese for a dinner party. From cocktail building to dessert wines, we can find a theme for any occasion. Your guests will learn, laugh, and enjoy themselves with minimal work and clean up on your part so you are free to enjoy the party as well. 

In Home Wine Classes Start at $250+$25 per person for three wines. Click Here for more information.



Running a beverage program is time consuming and is supposed to be profitable. Inventory and ordering systems increase your profitability and save you time. I will consult with you and either help build an appropriate Excel spreadsheet to track your inventory or help you find and implement the appropriate system for your concept. 

Prices start at $100 per hour.


Your wine list should make you money and not stress you out. We can reformat your list to be more readable, fun, or simply to make it more accurate. I’m happy to audit lists for formatting consistency, as well as content and balance.


Your staff is your greatest tool in selling beverages. Do you want to sharpen their talents? Do they need to learn some basics and you just don’t have time? The Grape Lady will assess your staff’s knowledge and bring them up to speed on your beverage program. I’m passionate about demystifying wine, making it approachable, and fun to sell.