Crisp Chardonnay




Key words to look for on the label if you enjoy crisper cleaner styles of Chardonnay:

  • Stainless steel
  • Lean
  • Burgundy
  • Chablis (but not the Franzia box!)
  • Pick French over American oak- and used over new oak
  • Blended
  • Stone

Or maybe just try this package!

Frog’s Leap ‘Shale & Stone’ Chardonnay,  Napa Valley 2020 I always forget about Frog’s Leap Chardonnay. Spending less than a week in oak, this wine is fresh and crisp. The founder wanted to make something similar to Puligny-Montrachet in Napa, focusing on lean minerality. And I believe they succeeded.
J. Bookwalter ‘Readers’ Chardonnay, Columbia Valley 2020 80% Chardonnay, but 20% Viognier. This wine sees no oak- it’s fresh and floral. Every time I pour it I get the same response, ‘I don’t like Chardonnay, but this is amazing! Can I have more?’
Odem Mountain Chardonnay, Volcanic, Golan Heights 2021 Odem Mountain Winery is Israel’s northernmost winery. At 1,100 meters above sea level, it’s tucked away in an enchanting, secluded oak forest in the northern Golan Heights. This dry white wine is produced 100% from Chardonnay grapes, which underwent a slow and cold fermentation process. It was aged in French oak barrels for 5 months. Light golden in color, with aromas of fresh wet earth, red apple, and citrus. This is a smooth wine with a nice, long finish.