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Expand Your Palate with Caymus Killers:

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 Exceptional Alternatives for Napa Cab Lovers

Hey there, wine enthusiasts!

Let’s talk about the reigning king of Napa Cabernet: Caymus. As of 2022, Caymus Cabernet held the crown as the most consumed Napa Cabernet, according to Cellar Tracker data. Founded by Chuck Wagner and his family in 1972, Caymus Vineyards has become synonymous with affordable, accessible luxury. Producing a staggering 200,000 cases of wine annually, they stand out from many other Napa luxury wineries that produce a fraction of that amount.

Caymus is renowned for its rich, round, and dark-fruited character with a hint of sweetness. As a sommelier, I can’t deny its appeal, but here’s the thing—it can sometimes be a bit frustrating. Many wine drinkers get caught in the Caymus bubble, reluctant to explore beyond their comfort zone, and discover new wines. Life is simply too short to limit ourselves to just one wine, wouldn’t you agree?

That’s where I come in. I have a curated selection of wines I like to call “Caymus Killers.” If you like Caymus- you will love these wines. Try this three pack!

So, my Caymus-loving friend, I invite you to step outside your comfort zone and explore. These three wines are from California, but from outside of Napa Valley. Embrace the adventure, savor new flavors, and discover the hidden gems that await your palate. Remember, there’s a whole universe of exceptional wines just waiting to be explored.

Cheers to expanding horizons and discovering new favorites!

Your wine-loving guide,