Sip in Solidarity: Israeli Wines

Sip In Solidarity: Israel

We’ve all seen the news about what is happening in Israel and Gaza. 

The fourth quarter is the busiest time of year for everyone in the beverage industry no matter where you are- except in a war zone. Then everything grinds to a halt. Israel’s domestic market is frozen during the busiest time of the year. This in combination with the struggle to bring in the grapes this year has potential to harm the 300 wineries that call Israel home. Just for perspective, there are over 1,700 wineries in the 30 mile long Napa Valley. 

Did you know that the war broke out during harvest? 

Wineries are operating with skeleton staffing levels as young men and women are called up to fight. Unlike in America, Military service in compulsory for the majority of Israelis when they turn 18. Men have to serve 32 months and women 24. After this, most of them can be called up to reserve units until the age of 40, or even older, in case of national emergency. October 7th and the aftermath qualify.

“Winemaking has its own schedule, unlike other industries where you can pause production or run with limited staff. Grapes grow and ripen when they do; the winemaking process is very hands-on. Without staff, many wineries face an impending crisis.” said Joshua Greenstein, the Vice President of the IWPA in a statement made  last week.

Tulip Winery, while remaining open, has become a collection center for donations for soldiers and those who have lost homes to the conflict. Odem Winery can’t even open for that due to their location. Jezreel is sending wine to the troops. Psagot is open, but only part time.


The Israeli Wine Producers Association has asked for help. It’s an easy way to help – they ask that you ‘Sip in Solidarity.’ Simply buy a bottle of Israeli wine, and enjoy it. The wines are New World in style, fit for wine lovers who enjoy California wines.

Greenstein, the Vice President of the IWPA, also stressed “Not only will the purchase help the wineries, but we’re donating 10% of every case shipped from November 1, 2023 – December 31, 2023 to Israeli relief efforts.” 

I hate watching the news

 It’s a massive reminder of all the things I can’t do. I can’t help the winemaker trying to bring in his grapes with a team of two instead of a full harvest crew. I can’t give a hug to those waiting on news of loved ones. I can’t fix the mess our world is right now.

But I can buy Israeli. So can you. I would like Texas to run out of Israeli wines because I know that in Texas we care big.

Because everything is bigger in Texas.

Including our hearts. 

The Wines

There are some truly amazing wines made in Israel – the country looks more like parts of California than I had realized. I didn’t know anything about Israeli wines until I attended a dinner hosted by the IWPA in November 2021. I was blown away by the quality of the wines and my ignorance of them – and I would love to share them with you.

Click the wine and email me how many you would like.

Or indulge in a curated collection by clicking through the links below.

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