a social gathering of invited guests, typically involving eating, drinking and entertainment

Some parties are planned in advance, other times they just happen. Last minute parties are the ones that cement friendships and create memories that last a lifetime. They also tend to be the roughest on the host. The host must summon up sustenance, while wondering how clean the bathroom is. Having a wine pairing with takeout makes your event seem pulled together.

Fried Chicken & Champagne

You arrive at the restaurant with your group for brunch. When the overworked hostess tells you it will be two hours for a table you must scramble for a plan. So you offer up your house for brunch. Dividing and conquering you send one person off to pick up the best fried chicken in town to-go. Sending another to the grocery store to buy a few bottles champagne, you return home. A quick tidy of the living room and the bell rings. Voila- instant party. 

Fried Chicken and Champagne are the best. The crispy, crunchy batter and the bright bubbles are perfection. You saved the day! Make it fancy by snagging two or three different brands of champagne and blind taste the group. See which one folks like best. You can even make this a pot-luck- everyone brings their favorite fried chicken and a bottle to share. 

Pizza & Chianti

Your son invited his new best friend home from school and their parents are coming to pick him up. He is begging for a few more hours with his friend. You want to get to know the parents but, you haven’t been grocery shopping in a week… Delivery pizza is the answer. 

I always keep a bottle of Chianti Riserva in the house. It makes pizza night seem less thrown together. It gives the impression that I planned to have pizza night. If you ask my empty fridge, it would tell you that I didn’t plan. Eating off paper plates in the backyard, with a glass of Sangiovese is casually elegant, not a planning failure. Chianti is the perfect pairing for pizza- but spend the extra $10 bucks and get the nice stuff. I promise you it is worth the money. 

Take Out Chinese & Riesling

In college there were so many study sessions that turned into parties. Start with a group of friends, add food- once someone opens a bottle it is a party! An order of Spicy Orange Chicken and a glass of Ku Fu Girl Riesling made the nights into memories. Also the acid and hint of sweetness in the dry Riesling kept me from crying due to the spicy. This pairing tends to please even those who aren’t into wine. If you want to take it up a notch, buy a dry German Riesling that is a few years old.