We all know one. Elegantly swirling their glass and ostentatiously serving a wine they ‘picked up last time they were in the valley,’ while shoving your contribution of vodka to the back of the cabinet never to be mentioned again. When out to dinner they harass the wait staff about years, ask for a special deal on  a bottle or simply turn their nose at the list since they simply don’t recognize anything! Drinking anything below 90 points is below them. Amazingly this person annoys you constantly.

Amazingly they drive me bonkers too. And I’m a sommelier.

My husband’s favorite beverage is Bud Light. My mother loves Bota-Box Pinot Grigio. My dad is a Shiner Bock fanatic. Family reunions involve a lot of Jack Daniels, Crown and  whatever wine was on super sale (read as under $6).

Wine is supposed to be enjoyable. It is alcohol which generally accompanies a good time. Good times are for everyone. I am here to make wine accessible and an enjoyable experience.

Frankly it is easier to enjoy some things with a bit of knowledge.

Bring on the questions!