Argyle Nuthouse Riesling, Eola-Amity Hills 2018

Riesling is delicious. It also isn’t always syrupy sweet, in fact generally it is not. Riesling is perpetually misunderstood. This Riesling is always in my fridge. Oregon makes some stunning Rieslings but winemakers always seem hesitant to bring them out for fear that drinkers will shun them for the unfashionable status of the grape. This needs to change. The Nut House Riesling is so called because the winemaking facility used to be a hazelnut storage house before becoming a winery. This self-described ‘off-dry’ Riesling has the characteristic high acidity with lime, ginger and apricot. Perfect with Thai food or sipping on a hot summer’s day. So basically the perfect wine to fight the Texas heat. 
Estimated Retail $26.