Calmére Pinot Noir, Estate, Carneros 2016

Lisa and Ariana are the daughters of the Peju family who owns and operate Peju wines in Napa Valley. They were raised in the wine world. In 2016 the family bought 100 acres of land in Carneros with a view of the bay for the girls to spread their wings. Naming the property Calmére, a combination of the French for calm and sea, they proceeded to grow some really glorious Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. The wines came to market in 2018 and and are really, really beautiful. They also make single block and higher end pinots that just get prettier as the prices do increase. Not as heavy as a Belle Glos- not as light or as earthy as Pinot Noir from Oregon. Stunning…
Estimated Retail $35.