My Favorite Way to Save Wine Labels

You have probably tried unsuccessfully to peel off a wine label – to keep it because it was beautiful or for more sentimental reasons. But it ripped, it tore, it was curling in on itself. Basically, it sucked.

Label Lifts: Your Label-Saving Superhero

Say goodbye to wrestling with stubborn labels that refuse to part ways with their bottles. Label Lifts will save the day! These clear laminate stickers need simply to be smoothed over the bottle’s label, and with a gentle lift, the label will be separated from the bottle effortlessly. While some suggest using a spoon, the back of a trusty wine key and a credit card also work wonders. If the label starts to resist, don’t force it. Fill the bottle with near-boiling water and let it sit until cool to loosen the grip of the stubborn glue.

Preserving Memories, One Label at a Time

Personal memories intertwined with wine labels make for a truly heartwarming collection. Picture this – opening your insurance file and being greeted by the label from that memorable bottle of Alter Ego shared with co-workers at Del Frisco’s after a demanding dinner shift. Or flipping through the contracts for your utility providers and spotting the Caymus label, reminding you of your first visit to Napa Valley. Pure bliss, isn’t it?

Wine Labels as Cherished Souvenirs

Wine labels hold more than just information about the wine; they encapsulate the essence of special moments. Ever thought of sending cards to dinner guests after an event, adorned with the wine label and a heartfelt note? It’s a beautiful way to cherish the memories created together. When I worked at Del Frisco’s, we had ‘Wine Books’ for special regulars – we removed the label off the bottle they ordered and added it to the book and brought it to the table. Some guests would make notes about the wine, but many turned it into a memory book – jotting down why they were together and drinking the bottle – often having everyone at the table sign the book. Talk about creating lasting memories!

What will you do with your label?

Personally, I love placing the labels on file folders. Pulling my insurance file out always makes me smile; it is emblazoned with the label from a bottle of Alter Ego I opened with my co-workers at Del Frisco’s after a particularly rough dinner shift. The file that holds the contracts for my utility providers has a Caymus label on the front from my first visit to Napa Valley.

You can create your own wine book at home. Any notebook will do, or you can order a custom label book from Amazon.

Celebrate and remember those special moments without having to rely on your phone and scroll through countless Vivino notes. Let the wine labels do the talking, bringing back the joy and nostalgia of each bottle shared with loved ones.