Wine Storage Mistakes: What Not to Do with Your Precious Bottles

Let’s steer clear of those wine-wrecking mistakes that could turn your prized bottles into mere memories.

1. The Fridge-Top Fiasco

Ah, the infamous built-in wine rack over the refrigerator – a design choice that has sommeliers everywhere shaking their heads. Who thought it was a brilliant idea to store wine above a heat-spewing appliance? Not only does it create an oven-like environment, but it also robs the wine of its charm and flavor. The bottles are subjected to constant warmth – the only good thing happening here is that the corks are kept moist. 

2. Vertical Catastrophe

Listen, we know you might be tempted to show off your wine collection like a fancy art installation, but stacking bottles vertically on top of the fridge is a big no-no. The fridge vibrates and produces heat – don’t showcase expensive wine gifts here- unless you are swearing off wine and trying to convert the bottle into red wine vinegar for your salads. Remember, your fridge can store wine inside, not ON top.

3. Sunscreen, Wine-style

Picture this: your wine bottles basking in the glorious rays of sunlight, feeling like they’re on vacation. But alas, this isn’t Cabo – it’s your kitchen window, and the heat from the sun is not a good match for your delicate vino. Spare your bottles the sunburn, think of them like babies. 

4. Garage: Not a Wine Retreat

Sure, your garage might be a treasure trove of old memories and long-lost items, but it’s no place for your wine. Unless you’re throwing a wine party for your car, with the air conditioner on full blast, don’t subject your wine bottles to the extreme temperature swings and unfavorable conditions of the garage. Let’s not make our Merlot feel like a forgotten friend.

Temperature and Consistency: The Name of the Game

While perfection might be a lofty goal, your wine will thank you for aiming close to the sweet spot. Aim for a temperature range of 45-75 degrees Fahrenheit. Your countertop is okay, but please avoid parking your bottles next to appliances that are heat producing. Truly don’t freak out it’s not perfect- the bottom of your pantry- dark and cool- is better than the top of your fridge!

Corks: Keep ‘Em Moist, Not Dry

Think of your wine bottle’s cork like a thirsty traveler in the desert – it craves moisture to stay alive. Storing bottles on their sides in a pantry or a stylish wine rack keeps those corks happily moist, preventing any pesky oxygen from crashing the party.

The “Good” and the “Best” of Wine Storage

Storing wine like a pro doesn’t require a Ph.D. in oenology (wine making). If you’re just looking for a good time, keep your bottles on their sides in a pantry or a charming wine rack on your counter – simple yet effective. The best way to store your wine at home is a climate controlled unit- wine cellar or wine fridge. If you need a recommendation for either- just let me know!