Ultimate Wine Lovers Christmas Wish List 2023

Ultimate Wine Lovers Christmas Wish List

Are they impossible to buy for? Are you struggling with what to get them this year? Do they love wine?

If the answer to those questions is ‘yes’ you are in the right place.

  1. Durand If they adore wine but don’t own this, they absolutely need it. The ultimate wine opening weapon, it defends against any broken or crumbling cork. Trust me; it’s worth the $145 investment to never have to pour wine through a coffee filter again.
  2. Wine Breather My all-time favorite decanter. The bottle of wine fits to the top, and when you flip it, the wine runs down the interior walls of the decanter, maximizing oxygen exposure. It makes the wine taste like it’s been open for an hour when you first pop it. Plus, it allows you to easily pour all the wine back into the bottle. Well worth the $70.
  3. Resealable Travel Wine Bags Perfect for slipping into your bag, so you can bring home a bottle or two of your favorite wine or olive oil. Only $27 for a 10-pack.
  4. Coravin This gadget changed my life. The ability to have a glass of wine without opening the entire bottle made studying for exams so much easier. Also, since my husband is a beer drinker, it made it less stressful to just have a glass of wine. I stopped worrying about finishing it in four days. The $230 investment is entirely worthwhile, and this one comes with six new screw caps and three argon capsules.
  5. Twelve Bottle Wine Suitcase Convinced I needed one of these by a winemaker who shared his experience of taking wine on his honeymoon in this bag, drinking it on the beach. He only took six bottles and packed the other side with his wardrobe for the trip. Combined with the ease of bringing things home from wine country, $380 allows you to drink whatever you want, anywhere you want.
  6. Stainless Steel Bottle Cooler This simple insulated column maintains the temperature of any bottle of wine while you sip. No more digging in the ice machine or filling up an ice bucket. At $35, it’s a small investment for the convenience of no more ice everywhere.
  7. Polishing Clothes Do they get annoyed by water spots on their wine glasses? These are what the pros use to make those spots disappear. Under $10 for a 2-pack.
  8. Splurge: Zalto Denk’Art Universal Hand-Blown Crystal Wine Glasses | Boxed Set of 6 The most luxurious wine glasses of all time, though very delicate. While I adore these, I avoid pulling them out if the cats are being rambunctious. Priced at $503.
  9. Custom Wine Boxes from the Grape Lady:Whether it’s one box for Christmas, a three-pack every month, or a six-pack every three months, we can work with your budget to find the perfect gift.

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